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My projects

During my five years of devlopment and learning, i've created many projects, and some are publics. You can see them on Github and also below!

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About me


Who am I?

I'm a eighteen year old high school student, passionate about HighTechs, computer science, and video games. I love discovering and learning new things by myself.


My projects

You can see my work either on Github (public repos only), either on this website.


Work and Passion

With my passion of video games, I realized many projects for it. It allows me to combine passion, and work.


Curriculum Vitae

You can see my curriculum vitae here and also contact me by email.

Projects and work

My private and public projects
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My Private projects

VLife Roleplay - Website

vlife logo

Since 2018 I work as a team of devloper for a video game project. I worked on the server creation (Lua) and on the website. This website use many APIs/library like SteamAuth, DiscordAuth, HighCharts, Jquery, Jquery Datatables, FiveM's API...
A part of this website will be OpenSourced.


beesight logo

For my last year of high school at Chevrollier, I have to realize a project. This project in group of 4 students, consists in monitoring an appiary to simplyfify the use for the beekeeper. This project use multiple APIs/library like highcharts, Jquery, Jquery Datatables...

VLife Roleplay - Discord bot

vlife logo

For my server, I had to create a discord bot with a support system (ticket) and differents commands. This discord bot was created using NodeJs and the Discord.Js Library.

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Public repos



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My public projects

Curriculum Vitae

Look further into my knowledge and my diplomas
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Né le 22 Octobre 2001



Etudes et formations



Brevet des collèges - Mention: Assez bien

Baccalauréat STI2D SIN - Mention: ???

Expériences professionnelles


Stage de 3ème à la clinique vétérinaire de La Croix Cadeau, Avrillé

Langues parlées et autres compétences


Je possède le niveau B2+, j'ai 17,26/20 comme moyenne pour les deux trimestres


Je possède le niveau B1, j'ai 15,18/20 comme moyenne pour les deux trimestres

Langages informatiques

Voici une liste des langages/framework/... que j'ai utilisé lors de la création de mes projets.

Langages et framework
level Langages Niveau
0 Javascript Débutant
0 Linux Débutant
0 Lua Débutant
0 Python (Django) Débutant
1 CSS Avancé
1 PHP Avancé
1 MySQL Avancé
1 Jquery Datatables Avancé
1 HighCharts Avancé
2 HTML Expert
2 MaterializeCSS Expert
2 Photoshop Expert

Autres expériences et hobbies


Pour mes projets j'ai souvent eu besoin de faire des logos ou bien de modifier des images. Voila quelques exemples:

VLife Logo
My vaporwave logo
BeeSight's Logo
Badnight's Logo